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Ranking Feature

Ranking Utility
Available on Pro and Platinum Versions only

This tool will show you where your sites are ranked in the search engines. Just insert keywords for the search and the Ranking utility will show you where you're located in the particular engine.

If you want to find information on the Internet and do not know what site to go to specifically, we make use of search engines. We give a word or a phrase, and the search engine provides us with a list of www pages that contain these words. The first sites in the list are the pages which can be found most frequently. And the first pages are the most frequently visited ones. Thus it is important to know under what number your site is listed by the search engine according to the indicated words. You can find out where you rank by doing the following; go to a search engine site, insert some keywords (words that someone would search for trying to locate a site like yours) and then look for your site amongst the search results. This is a long, tedious process.

By using the Ranking utility, you can gather all of this information from multiple search engines at once, the process will take only a few minutes, compared to several hours doing it the traditional way. You'll find the Ranking utility an indispensable aid.

Using the Ranking utility, just insert key words into this utility and you'll get the rank of your web page position on each search engine--according to each of your given key words.

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