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TrafficSeeker Support

Many questions are answered on our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.

Quick Start Support for TrafficSeeker

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Quick Start for TrafficSeeker

Minimum Requirements for running the software
Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT or XP or Vista
16MB of RAM
6MB of free Hard Drive space
486 mhz processor
An Internet Dial Up Connection

Note: TrafficSeeker will not run on Windows 3.xx or on a Macintosh computer system.

Note: Your internet connection will determine the speed at which TrafficSeeker can run optimally. The faster your connection the more data you will be able to transmit accurately.

Installing TrafficSeeker
1. Download the program from our site. Once downloaded, double click on the file to begin the installation process.
2. TrafficSeeker will automatically start the installation process. Unless you prefer to install the program somewhere other than the default, you can simply hit the 'Next' buttons to finish the installation.
Default Installation is: C:\Program Files\TrafficSeeker

To open the program simply click the Start button, then click the TrafficSeeker icon to open the software. Or, you can simply double click on the new icon on your desktop (you will have the option to place icons in the Start menu and/or on your desktop during setup).

3. To complete the installation you will hit the Register Now button on the first pop up screen which appears when you open the program. Once entered, hit the Register Button and you will receive a Thank You box when completed successfully.

NOTE: If you run on a proxy server, you will need to go to Preferences/Settings and enter in your Proxy information. You can do this in the demo, then hit the Register option from the Menu

Getting Your First Submission Started
Now that you have installed and registered TrafficSeeker, you're ready to start promoting your website. We have made this task as easy as 1 - 2 - 3. Simply fill in the information asked for in each Step and you will be submitting your site in minutes.

Step 1: Creating A Project
You can access this by either hitting the New Project button from the Quick Start Menu, or once the program is open, hit the Projects Icon ( in upper left hand corner). In this step you have 2 items to fill out to create a Project. A Project is described as the information input for each website URL you wish to submit. The Project will be saved so you can then return and re-submit the site at any time in the future.

You will need to enter in your website's information. You can do this by using the Extract Option, which will go to your website and pull the meta tag information and automatically fill in the boxes, or you can type in the information for each box. Do NOT forget to choose a category to submit your site to.

When you hit the Choose Category button, you will have 3 items to complete. The first is for General Engines like HotBot, Lycos and Infoseek. You will then be asked to choose categories for Yahoo and Dmoz sites. Hit the Yahoo Option, then double click on Yahoo to expand the category selection. You will be forced to select a VERY SPECIFIC category. When you've found the category you'd like to submit to, hit the Choose Category button in lower right corner. If the category is acceptable you will move on to Dmoz. If not, you will be prompted to select a further sub category for your domain. Follow the same process for Dmoz
For Pro and Platinum users, you can now go to the Spider tab and add additional pages from your domain to submit simultaneously.

The Spider option gives you the ability to add multiple pages from within your domain and submit them at the same time. You can add them manually or follow the Spider Wizard (recommended)

Step 2: Submit Your Site
There are many powerful features you may wish to use before submitting your site, but they are not required. Once you have created your Projects, hit the Submit Button and follow the Wizard. At the end of the Submit Wizard you can choose to submit right now, or you can submit at a later date. Platinum users can then go to the Scheduler and automate this task completely!!

That is all there is to it! You are ready to submit your website. We do highly recommend hitting the HELP BUTTON, which is located on each and every screen. The Help Section is designed to walk you through each and every function of the software.

Dmoz Sites: These are very specific engines/directories that can bring tremendous amounts of traffic to your site. We HIGHLY recommend submitting your sites to both Yahoo and Dmoz. (Something that NO OTHER submission software can do!)

Upgrade your copy of TrafficSeeker today

Submission Recommendations
Submitting your website is crucial to the success of your business. Here are a few brief guidelines for submitting your site.

Submitting to the Search Engines should be done no more than once per month, for each URL you're submitting. The major search engines will index your site somewhere between 3-8 weeks after you've submitted your site, and then will keep your site indexed unless you request it to be removed.

You want to resubmit your site monthly to alert the engines that you're adding new content, your site is still active, and that you are trying to gain a better position in their index. Positioning in the engines is determined by the search engine's particular algorithms. The 2 main ways to increase your site's chances of being indexed highly are:

1. Consistent submissions: as previously stated, submitting your site once per month will alert the engines that your site is active and is consistently adding new information
2. Properly formatted meta tags are required to getting your site listed. Meta Tags are a brief summation of your site, entered as tags in your HTML code. If you're not familiar with meta tags, then we highly encourage you to learn quickly! The TrafficSeeker Pro version comes with a powerful meta tag creator that will insert these tags into your HTML code instantly and easily.
To learn more: Upgrade info

Submitting to the Classifieds and FFA's should be done at least once per week! Each one of these sites uses 'revolving submissions', meaning that when a link is added to their site, one is dropped from the site. For this reason, submitting at least weekly will ensure that your site remains in their listings. We HIGHLY recommend using a free email address when submitting, because you will get 300-500 autoresponders from your submissions.

Spamming: is defined as submitting your website, the exact same URL, over and over and over. If you submit daily or weekly to the major search engines, you will be deleted from their indexes. The same is true for the Classifieds/FFA's. While you can submit to these sites as often as 1 time per day, we highly suggest not submitting any more than this. You can submit different URL's, we're referring to submitting the exact same URL to the same submission site.

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